We are packing for Paris, France……

We are packing for PARIS, FRANCE….we leave in the morning.

This one is for you Sis. Hoblet!  We so love you and your zeal for God’s work that you have left us inspired, and encouraged to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."  Mk. 16:15

Sis. Hoblet visited this work, in Paris, this past Summer, and we made a promise that we would go visit them. We are going to have church with them Sunday the 30th of November , and we are looking forward to it!  We hope to spend as much time with them as possible.  We will head home Tues. evening.

Please pray for us! The fellowship of the Body of Christ is so special and unique, and we feel privileged to be apart of it.

We love the Body of Christ and we miss being in the meetings in America and we long to have the work in Europe grow, so we may have that same, sweet fellowship that we have experienced in the States.

Thank you for you love and prayers…….

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The winds are still at HIS command


Isn’t it comforting to know that we serve the same God of yesterday?  He never changes.  He is forever faithful, just and true, never sleeps nor becomes too distracted or too busy to hear our plea’s?  All knowing, all powerful! HALLELUJAH! And to think this is my Heavenly Father….

When Jesus calmed the storms in Mark 4:36-41, He rebuked the wind, and told the sea…"Peace be still." He spoke to the disciples, "Why are ye so fearful?  how is it that ye have no faith?" This sounds like something the Lord would say to me.  I’m so fearful.  I can’t point a finger at the disciples and criticize, Jesus was with you. How could you be afraid?  The Bible says, they feared exceedingly, this is so me, too.  They just didn’t fear, it was extreme.  Jesus was of course grooming His men, training them as a Rabbi would, helping them to understand faith through parables and life related stories, and miracles.  Jesus was constantly testing their faith.  Even now I think, I need to have faith, Jesus promised He would never leave me, nor forsake me.  He would send the Comforter, and praise God I received this precious gift when I was just 6 years old.  It has become to mean so much to me through the years, and I thank God for it.  When I’m on the tube down in the depths of the earth, He is with me.  When I’m on the bus, He is with me.  When I’m on the train, and there are drunks fighting and swearing, He is with me.  How can I still be so fearful? 

The winds are still at His command, and so are the winds and storms of my life.  I just need to remember, "Keep your eyes on me."  I heard the Lord say this to me several years ago. It was so profound and special to me.  Forgive me Lord for not keeping my eyes on you, because you are in the center of my storm, and you can calm it, and if not, you are with me to ride it out.

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Fall 2008 Meeting – London

We had a wonderful two day meeting, the 18th and 19th of October.  The house was packed, a wonderful sight to us, filled with friends and family from the States and Europe and England, but most of all the Lord was present and God met with us, leaving us enriched with His blessings and we are so thankful for His presence.

Our people worked hard, but all for the glory of the Lord.  We had brown bag lunches filled with sandwiches and goodies for the first day, lots of fresh fruit from the local market, which was so yummy, my favorite was the big seedless grapes.  The second day was soup and fresh bread and light cheddar cheese (the cheese is absolutely the best here!), with fruit and cheesecake.  God bless your labor of love, London assembly! Your time and money will not be forgotten. 

Now on to the spiritual blessings…..

Jonathan talked about the Philadelphia church in Rev. 3:8, "I know thy works, behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it:  for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name."  The two key words…."little strength".  This church of Philadelphia was not a mega-church, it could of been a "house-meeting".  We don’t know, but we do know that no matter what they kept God’s word, and did not deny his name.  They protected God’s word, and God protected them. We too, must preserve what we have, and keep it!  We may be a little assembly here in England, but if we keep the Word of God, obey it and follow it, and live for Jesus and NEVER deny His name, He will keep us if we keep Him.  This is our prayer.

He also talked about Mary Magdalene.  This woman’s life was so changed by Jesus, and she never stopped seeking him.  After Jesus was put into the tomb and the Passover was past she and several other sisters, went very early in the morning to anoint Jesus, but the tomb was empty! She was so distraught, she just wanted to know what they did with his body so she could take care of it.  She did not give up hope, the disciples did.  She stood without the tomb, weeping, what happened to her Master’s body?  She looked into the tomb and two angels where present there where the body of Jesus had lain.  After she had spoken to the angels, she turned and she saw Jesus, but she thought it was the gardener!  She thought he might have taken the body of Jesus and placed it somewhere. Then Jesus spoke her name, "Mary", WOW!!! She turned and she knew it was her Master, the way he said her name.  She responded, "Rabboni, which is to say, Master." She went looking for the dead, and she found life, her Master, JESUS.  How many times have we given up?  Mary was forgiven much, and she loved much.  Just think of how much we have been forgiven.  How much do we love the Master?  Would we still seek him when it seems that all hope was dead?  What an inspiration this woman, Mary of Magdalene was.  May we forever, seek our Master, and never give up hope, no matter what we face in life, or who gives up around us because HE LIVES!

Bro. Glenn Goodwin from Des Moines, spoke Sunday. He said," We can’t stop reading at John 19, finish it, Jesus rose from the dead!"  From here he reviewed the whole book of Romans, this was beautiful. Chapter by chapter.  We were then encouraged to be a missionary in this land.  In a dark London, we must let our light shine.  This nation once sent out missionaries from its borders, now it needs to be ministered too.

We were so blessed by our friends, Neal, Cherie, Jayda, Wil, Julie, and Todd, Sue, and Ashley from Cross Plains, TN.  They brought some of their friends in the Lord from Germany, and Norway, Holland.  Todd spoke Saturday afternoon and Neal spoke and sang with Julie Saturday night.  Julie played in our band.  Ruben (whom my boys just loved, and barely gave him room in the pew to sit!) was here from Holland.  We enjoyed his company, the boys could not believe how tall he was (he is 6’8").  We enjoyed his company and we were sad to see him go Sunday night.  We got stuck in traffic, which is not a new thing, and he was the LAST to board the plane!  Andre from Germany spoke Sunday afternoon, and we enjoyed his testimony.   We have made so many new European friends that love the Lord.  We pray that we can continue to fellowship together and encourage each other in the Lord.  Thanks, Neal and Cherie!

We also were blessed with Br. Ndumiso words from Manchester, England.  He and his family and many of his saints were here. We are looking forward to his meeting in December.

Thank you friends and family for coming to worship God with us.  Thank you local assembly for all your hard work. Thank you God almighty for being with us every step of the way.

Please pray for us.  Our two year Visa will expire December the first, so we have renewed our Visa and   we have been granted a three-year limited leave to remain, which is a residence permit.  PRAISE GOD!! We are willing and ready to keep working for the Lord here in England.  After three years we then can apply for a permanent leave to remain.


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Company is coming!!

I’m so excited…..company is coming!  We are preparing for our Meeting next weekend, and you know what that means, family and friends are coming to worship God with us. 

We are going to have four services next weekend, Sat. & Sun.  Please pray for us, and those that will be traveling. 

We long to be closer to the Lord, and pray that God almighty will be present from the first praise on Saturday until the last prayer on Sunday evening.  Pray for me that I can be spirit led with the music, I do not want to get it in the way, I just want to be a vessel fit for the Master’s use, and if He chooses to come in without music, that is fine with me too!! THERE is nothing like the sweet Holy Ghost to be present, and that is my desire, an environment that exalts God and worships Jesus in Spirit and truth.

We been making plans and finalizing them today, it was exciting for us to prepare for the arrival of God’s people next week, and how we can accommodate them in our small way. The last photo in the album of "Our people", shows us gathering in the concert hall of All Saints church, talking and planning for next weekend. 

We are meeting still in Barnet at All Saints church, and Lord willing we will continue to do so.  With just a small cafe, we will not be able to serve a nice, dining room style meal, but we are making the best of the situation and hope the meals that we have planned will be alright.  We are on a tight budget and all the food has been prepared and paid for by our people! Everyone is rolling up their sleeves per say to work and take care of God’s people.

As I was praying for this meeting this last week, I kept thinking of the scripture….

"If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. " II Chron. 7:14

We are "his people". "Even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles?  As he saith also in Osee (Hosea), I will call them my people, which were not my people, and her beloved, which was not beloved. And it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people; there shall they be called the children of the living God." Romans 9:24-26 That is us!!! Hallelujah! We have been grafted into the living vine, we are now children of the King, because of Jesus. 

Since we are "his people", we must humble ourselves and pray, and seek His face, and turn.  We can’t just pray we must change.  Turning from our wicked ways….THEN HE WILL HEAR, FORGIVE, AND HEAL! 

That is how I’m praying, seeking his face, praying for God to heal us, our land, our people, our jobs, our families, our church. 

II Chronicles 7:14 was spoken to Solomon by night after he had finished the house of the Lord, and had been praying to the Lord. This whole chapter is beautiful, read it. 

We are so privileged to be called "his people"!  

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God will provide……I’m working at Harrods!!!

My family and I would love to go to the States for Christmas, and God has provided a way! I’m working at Harrods for the month of October on my days that I don’t teach.  Praise God!  Friday, Saturday and Monday.  It will be a gruelling month, but I’m focused on the goal, my second home away from home, Iowa for the Holidays.  Family gathered together around the fire, endless array of yummy food, laughter from family and loved ones, and prayer together as a family again.  It is about the only time for us to be all together.  We will be, Lord willing, the ones travelling on Christmas Eve…..the ones you think, why are you travelling at a time like this? Now I understand why? Being with the family is so special to us and so rare.  You just never know if we will all be there the next time we meet.  Life is so fragile, we must treasure every moment together.
Harrods is definitely an experience. I work in the Musical Instruments department. I’m a specialist of Roland, makers of Digital pianos, upright and Grand.  I’m helping Roland out until they hire a full time consultant.  I  was tempted with the full time position……but I did not come here for a career, I left that in Iowa, I’m here to help my husband as he pastors the church here in London. My boys as well, they need their mum.  And I LOVE being with them.  So "NO", to Harrods for full time, so hey, I can "experience HARRODs" for the month of October. 🙂 
I hope to sell a couple of Grands, I must be more agressive in my sales pitch, because the customer needs to buy now, not next month, because I need the extra commission.  Commission on top of my daily rate…..YAYAYAYAY! Shopping money.  It is so much fun walking through this icon of a store! It is filled with everything imaginable.  I’m still getting lost. I have been having a wonder, and exploring, I heard there is a terrace on the fifth floor that is outside, I have yet to find it, I can’t wait to have a look and take pictures.
I’m on my feet the whole time, that is so exhausting! Finding the right shoes, uggh! I think I may have found right shoes, we will see next Monday.  5 pianos down, only three days of work, this is what I have sold, plus my collegues.  It looks like I get commission from their sales too! Every bit will help.  Only three days a week and I really hope and pray to sale some Grand pianos.  It is a fabulous product, superb touch, always in tune, and each piano has a feature that will benefit any level of player.  Have I got you hooked yet? The music you hear on this blog is from my Roland Grand, KR115.  I’m in total love with this piano.  I can record music, arrange instruments, and rhythms and save and load to the computer and make my own CD’s.  It is also a great teaching tool for me in relationship to my students.  Go the Rolands website listed on my links and check out this fabulous product.
I must mention the most expensive piano on the floor is a Bosendorfer Grand Piano – 89,000 pounds!!! I will see if I can sneak a picture and put it on here.  Can you imagine……I will try to play it this week, and record the sounds.  This particular piano has been commissioned by Porsche.  It is very sleek and modern.  Bosendorfer pianos are made in Vienna, and they are gorgeous and sooooo expensive.  So I must lure the customers to my area, and sale them on to Roland and pray that they buy!! Please pray for me, wouldn’t it be a miracle if a could sale a target of 50,000 pounds or more??
Just a few pictures of my adventure….   in the above album…..my uniform I bought it at Mark & Spencers, cheap and machine washable, skirt was only 15pounds and the jacket 35pounds and blouse was 7.50. I just love Mark and Spencers they have classy things yet attainable for my budget, this is the first time I have bought clothes here, I have always just browsed, this time I had an excuse. LOL.  Starbucks I found is right across the street (went there for my tea break, and no I did not have tea,  had a cappuccino , I love tea, but I needed the power of coffee)outside of door 10, yes, each door is numbered and I never noticed, it seems that I only pay attention when I’m in charge of my own direction, this is a terrible weakness of mine, even though I still get lost!! I guess I just get "lost" in the moment and relax and I let others, like my hubby keep me pointed in the right direction.  
Stay tuned……adventure continues……
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Driving in the UK

Driving in the UK has been a real "trip" for me! LOL This week has been no exception….Tuesday I was light-hearted knowing that my commute would be a bit easier, because my lessons scheduled were in a lower congestion area, WRONG!  I had a huge diversion on a dual carriageway (two-lane road). Traffic was literally at a standstill, I have faced congestion before MANY TIMES but this was different, unusual for this road.  The tom-tom (SAT nav) keeps posted the time of arrival, and I kept watching the minutes tick by as we sat there and barely moved.  So many kept turning around, this is a curious sight to behold, backing up and turning around in the lane you are in. This was a clue to me, maybe I need to turn around too, but this is the only way I’m familiar with, I don’t have time to spare going on a discovery of new sights and roads, but when the fire brigade (fire truck) came by and we all scrambled to make room for them to pass, I thought well, I must do the inevitable, turn around in the lane, there must be an incident (accident of some sort) ahead, so I called my hubby and cried on his shoulder, at least at this point I was calmer than usual, all I could think of, I can just make it, and not miss all three lesson, even one lesson missed would be a twenty pound loss for the night!


So my hubby encouraged me to turn around and he went online at home and guided me on an alternative route because the tom-tom would probably keep directing me to this road.  Off I went, at first it was okay, then the my mobile kept cutting off Jonathan, and now is not the time for my mobile to fail, desperately trying to stay in contact with him, I kept forging ahead, then I was on this road, the back road of roads, room for one car to pass, literally one lane, but cars were still trying to pass, you just pull off to this little place in the hedge, and these hedges are 12 or 14 feet high!!!  I was comforted that a little car was in front of me, so I just stuck real close, well, by now, I knew I was going to be late, and miss the first lesson, I’m freaking out but so thankful it is not dark.  I have been through that before, I call it my Stephen King experience of driving on England’s roads at night, in the fog, no one on the road but me, low on petro (gas), around 11:00 at night, and soooooo scary, now that time I was crying and telling the Lord I can’t do this…..I just wanted to stop, and quit, and of all lanes, that one was called Honey Lane, not sweet to me at the time, the road was even wet, all I could think of was flooding, which was happening that time of year.  I ended up on this road because I took the wrong turn, and I followed the tom-tom, and it was just guiding me the quickest route, not matter what road, even a rural road, this road even had a one car pass bridge!  I was so scared, the fog literally just appeared when I turned down this road, so frightening!  I was not calm on the mobile this time with my hubby, he found my location on Google and told me just keep driving, so white knuckled fingers on the steering wheel, I kept on……Finally the road just dumped onto the Motorway, lights, cars and the road home, at last.


Back to my original story……winding and curving I was on my way, just waiting for a familiar road, just like life, we depend on the Lord to guide us even when we can’t see ahead.  This is when faith develops, knowing that God Almighty will carry us through the good and bad times.  I don’t like not being able to see what’s ahead, even when a lorry (truck) is front of me, I want to get around it so I can see. So when I’m driving and I can’t find my way, lost and desperate, stomach hurting because I’m scared, I pray, but am I really learning, grasping the situation is in someone’s hands, the safest hands in all the earth, my Father’s.  It reminds me of my little boy, Josiah, when I leave for work and he kisses me goodbye, he tells me "hope God puts a shield over you."  Well, that night that I had my Stephen King driving experience, I remembered Josiah’s prayer over me, and I was comforted that out of my child’s mouth was a prayer that God heard, and He did put a shield over me that night.  How soon I forget of the power of God. Increase my faith, oh Lord, don’t let me forget "faith is the substance (assurance) of things hoped for, the evidence (proving) of things not seen." Heb. 11:1  I know God has protected me so many times, from cars with road rage, pulling around me, cutting me off, someone banging on my car with their fist when at a light, and cars hooting (honking) at me when in Central London, at the round-abouts. 🙂


And me just driving, on the wrong side, trying to sort out the roads, learning to pay attention to the road sign, especially the white diamond on the road, I found out later what that meant the hard way, it means don’t enter, no wonder the driver in the opposite car was looking at me strange, so when I turn I look for that blessed blue arrow and the absence of the white diamond!  I must remember that God has assured to me, a hope that He will never leave me, and many times proved to me a safety in Him that I could not always see, until later.

I know people ask why do I drive when I could take the train?  I have contemplated this many times, well, I may take the train, but I would still need to take a bus to my different lessons, and that could take 30 minutes to an hour, so tom-tom in hand I go with a prayer on my heart and I can arrive at my destination with a cushion of time for travel unless an incident occurs, and I have to miss because of a diversion.  It is so funny that I just live 18 miles from Central London, and my lessons I have blocked together according to location and it takes an hour and 30 minutes average to get to my first lesson, so crazy!  Sometimes it takes 15 minutes just to go 5 miles!  The roads are not straight, so many turns!  So I have to plan and leave accordingly!  Which has been good for me!!??  Can’t be tardy!  It has taken me almost a year to learn the system, and I’m still learning but, I can actually drive home without the tom-tom; I still turn it on if I take the wrong turn.  I could not have made it without "Bonnie", my tom-tom, she is our second one, "Beatrice" died on us a couple of weeks ago.  LOL  I know some prefer maps but I’m one that has seen the benefit of gadgets and like then and not paper and pages to turn while driving, even better when you can buy them heavily reduced!! 


My students are really precious to me, God has supplied every one of them, and I can see how God has been "faithful to me."  Last Tuesday arriving at my last lesson, road weary and a bit stressed, this little three year old girl, answered the door, she asked me,”Can I give you a huddle?" I did not quite understand her, and she asked me again, then I asked, “do you mean a hug?" She nodded, I thought that was so sweet it just made my day, her mummy told me that she had waited up for me to give me a kiss, but I’m really glad she gave me a "huddle".  I much prefer hugs to kisses!  Do you think a "huddle", is a cuddle with a hug?  At the end of the day, God is still with me, as He was with me in the beginning of the day, how can I help but love Him, and serve him until my dying day?


As I drove home, listening to, "Be Still, My soul", the one phrase really meant a lot to me, "To guide the future as He has the past".  My faith is growing and it takes experiences to see the power of God at work.  I drove home with a greater appreciation for the God I serve, and I could not help but to smile because He sent a "huddle" my way after a stressful day.

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British versus American


British   vs.  American


Crisps vs. Chips

Chips vs. Fries

"Cheerio" vs. "Goodbye"

Second Hand vs. Used

Telly vs. Television

Takeaway vs. To-go

Boot vs. Trunk

Motorway vs. Interstate

"Sorry" vs. "Excuse me"

"Luv" vs. "Honey"

Chap vs. Guy

Trolley vs. Cart

Queue vs. Line

Tick vs. Check

Till vs. Register

"Brilliant" vs. "Great"

Flat vs. Apartment

Maisonette vs. Town home

Biscuits vs. Cookies

Petro vs. Gas

Sweets vs. Candy

Pound vs. Dollar

Pence vs. Penny

Streaky Bacon vs. Bacon Strips

Mince Beef vs. Ground Steak

Reception Room vs. Living Room

Glazed Windows vs. Doubled-paned Windows

Sandwich tins vs. Cake Pans

60ml vs. 4 tbls

Celsius vs. Fahrenheit

Rubbish vs. Trash

Argos vs. K’s Merchandise

Asda vs. Wal-Mart

Lidle vs. Aldi’s

Boots vs. Walgreen’s


Subway vs. Walkway

Tram vs. Trolley (Electric Car)

Tube vs. Subway

UK vs. US

Radiators vs. Vents

Mobile vs. Cell

Chip & Pin vs. Credit Card Swipe

Tea vs. Coffee

Prime Minister vs. President

Bobby vs. Cop

Toilet vs. Restroom

Washroom vs. Bathroom

Water Closet vs. 1/2 Bath

"I’ll give you a ring" vs. "I’ll call you"

Half past 10:00 vs. 10:30

Diary vs. Calendar

To let vs. to rent

Solicitor vs. Lawyer

Give Way vs. Yield

Round-about vs. Intersection

"Happy Christmas" vs. "Merry Christmas"

Estate Agent vs. Realtor

Mate vs. Buddy

Hump vs. Speed Bumps

Rubbish Bin vs. Garbage Can

Sack vs. Bag

Hoot vs. Honk

Dual Carriage Way vs. Four-Lane Highway

Nappy vs. Diapers

Pram vs. Stroller

Nursery vs. Kindergarten

Primary School vs. Grade School

College vs. 11th & 12th Grade

Washer in Kitchen vs. Laundry Room

Hob vs. Stove-top

Motor vs. Car

Fairy (Tree-topper) vs. Angel

B & Q vs. Home Depot

Postcode vs. Zip code

Let down vs. Drop you off

Wind machine vs. Fan

Gone wrong vs. Broken

Verge vs. Shoulder

Bits vs. Pieces

"Have a go" vs. "Try it out"

"Sort it out" vs. "Figure it out"

"Right" vs. "Okay"

Sofa vs. couch

"Hiya" vs. "Hello"

"Are you alright?" vs. "How are you?"

Over the top vs. Awesome

Posh vs. Expensive

Smart vs. Stylish

Lift vs. Elevator

AE (Accident & Emergency) vs. Emergency Room

Junction vs. Exit

Motorway vs. Interstate

Grit vs. Sand

Sodium Barcarbonate vs. Baking Soda

Icing vs. Powder Sugar

Bungalow vs. Ranch Home

Vicar vs. Pastor

Registrar vs. County Recorder

Sick vs. Vomit

1 Stone vs. 14lbs

Kilos vs. Lbs

Query vs. Questions

Cheque vs. Check

Garden vs. Yard

Nicked vs. Stolen

"Brilliant" vs. "Cool"

Chemist vs. Pharmacist

Hire a car vs. Rent a car

Semiquaver vs. 16th note

Quaver vs. 8th note

Crotchet vs. Quarter note

Semibreve (semybreeve) vs. Whole note

"Well done" vs. "Good Job"

"Cheers" vs. "Thanks"

Luvely-Jubbly vs. A-okay



These are some of the terms that I have encountered since my move to the United Kingdom, not to mention a whole way of describing notation of music, American equivalents make sense mathematically! My mentor told me with tongue-in-cheek that in my lesson observation I did well trying to implement the British notation system, and my attempt to pronounce, Semibreve, I was saying, "semabrevay!"


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I’ve been thinking about the word "REVIVAL".  This word has been on my mind for several months.  Websters II definition is, 1. an act of reviving or the state of being revived 2.  Restoration to use, acceptance, activity, or vigor after obscurity or quiescence (to rest, inactive or still: dormant).  There are more but I like this second one the best.  I have been praying for Revival…..to happen here in England, but not just here, but all of Europe.  We need God to restore us.  I know for Revival to start on a global event it must start individually. 


My heart was pricked today, and because of the words of my husband in church today, I was reminded of this word "REVIVAL".  Let me first talk a bit about his message.  He challenged all of us…."We must get back to our first love".  Think about the time you first fell in love with the Lord and how you wanted Jesus to be your all in all.  Rememeber how much you wanted His spirit, and how you would do anything to recieve it?  How you felt when you recieved it, so new, so clean!  You could not wait to get to church, late?  No way, you here either first, or very early.  Remember those days……Well we must get back to it!  "Are you still protecting and valuing this gift?  What have you piled on top of your Holy Ghost?"  More quotes…."The Lord dwells amongst the praises of His people", HALLELUJAH!!!  Surround yourself with God’s people, and the Lord is there!!!  "We can sit here and die, or we can get-up and move forward and find God working for us, and we will find spoil, exceeding riches, blest with all spiritual blessings." Amen! "Let go of our past and look for our future." "There’s more in the Spirit!" "Knowledge alone puffeth us up, we need life and more abundantly."  "Without the Holy Spirit we are doomed."  "We need a spirit of conviction!  "The whole church needs this spirit of repentance."  "We have hope….take the time in this life to do it right!"  "Don’t wait for tomorrow! Today is the day of salvation!"  " We must be persistant until God answers." He also read to us in Acts 4:31, "And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were ALL FILLED with the Holy Ghost, (this was after Acts 2, so how many were refilled?), and they spake the word of God with boldness."  The building shook!! That is what we need for our praises to shake up the building! vs32 says."them that believed were of one heart and of one soul…" 


Again what about our heart?  This is where I will go back to the word "Revival".  The Bible mentions the word "REVIVE".  Isa 57:15, "For thus saith the high and loftly One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy;  I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones."  Key words that stand out to me concerning my heart, contrite and humble.  He WILL revive me if my heart is in this state, contrite and humble.  My prayer is that individually we will become humble and contrite, get back to our first love, empty our cup of self, and let Jesus fill it up with Him.  That which has been resting, or dormant, can no longer be obscure, but full of vigor, that is us, me and you.  We must pray for "REVIVAL"!! "Wilt thou revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?  Shew us with thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy salvation."  Psa. 85:6-7


"Give us an experience ….refill us!"  And this is what happened in our evening service.  It was powerful!!  We did not start with a song, we all gathered together and just prayed and praised the Lord.  The building did not shake, but we ALL were stirred by God’s powerful spirit.  The young people were so touched, in so much that Sam Kalu was filled with this precious Holy Spririt!!! Thank you Jesus! We have really had a burden for our youth, and tonight really was special to them, and it was evident how much they loved the presence of the Lord, and the excitement and expectancy for the next service.  We left the service tonight, old and young, some filled, and some of us refilled, thank you Lord for stirring our hearts today through the words of Jonathan, now may your precious Spirit help us to be changed, and not just stirred.  So let this "REVIVAL" start……….


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Please pray with me….

Please pray with me…Sis. Hoblet from the Warren, Michigan Assembly (Br. Waters church), is in Paris, France this weekend.  She has been travelling Europe the past month, on a mission, finding God’s people and reuniting fellowship.  This sister is amazing!!!  She will be 80 this December and she is not weary in the Lord at all!!  She reminds me of Caleb, in Joshua 14:10b-12,"I am this day fourscore and five years old (85). As yet I am strong this day as I was in the day that Moses sent me:  as my strength now, for war, both to go out, and to come in.  Now therefore give me this mountain…..if so the Lord will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out, as the Lord said."  Caleb was 40 when Moses sent him to spy out the land, and yet 45 years later, and many experiences under his belt, he was still on fire for the Lord!!!  He had seen it all!  The discouragements and the victories, the judgements of the Lord, and the blessings of the children of Israel in the wilderness.  And to think that Caleb’s only friend that survived the perils of the wilderness with him was Joshua!  This spiritual strength and physical stamina is definitely present in Sis. Hoblet.  There is something special about her generation.  I look at my generation, and my heart is pricked.  Where are the Sis. Hoblet’s of my generation?  I may have the physical stamina, but what about the spiritual strength??  Am I moved to easily by my circumstances??  Am I looking around me, and not looking up??  Do I REALLY believe that God is ALMIGHTY??  How easily am I discouraged???  My heart is humbled….."I NEED YOU, LORD!"
Sis. Hoblet has really been an inspiration to me.  She is one of those people that when you leave her presence you feel closer to the Lord.  I thoroughly enjoyed her spiritual wisdom through her "metaphorical garden", I will never look at a garden the same!  I was only able to spend a few hours with her when she passed our way here in London, with her lovely granddaughter Jacqui, last month, but I’m so glad I did!  She came to be with us and our people for a few days.  She left our people so encouraged and blessed.  Like I said, what an inspiration!!  London was just the beginning of her journey.  She was on her way to Holland seeking God’s people.  Being Dutch herself she had contacts to look up and new contacts to visit with.  She has such a burning desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus here in Europe.  This is what I mean about Caleb!  She wants to take this "mountain".  Please pray with me that the seed that she has planted will now grow.  She is going to have church in Paris this weekend.  Her desire is for all of us to gather together, from Holland, Belguim, Paris, and London and fellowship.  She has been "mountain climbing" for the past 5 weeks, seeking, looking, and being with God’s people.  I have this burden now for Europe!  Now that I’m here, I can see the need of the Gospel of Jesus, but not just here in England, but all of Europe.  Because of my friends, Neil and Cherie Morse, we have travelled to Germany, and we have met God’s people that are longing for a closer walk with God.  So please pray with me…….God will send REVIVAL…..to all of Europe, and the seeds that have been planted by Sis. Hoblet, Br. Neil Morse, and Br. Jonathan Goodwin will GROW!  It takes the Master Gardener to water the soil, He needs to rain down on us, HIS SPIRIT!!  In the meantime, we must "go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."  Mark 16:15  and then wait….and pray……for the rain.
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My local Gym…Hatfield Park

This is what I love about England….its vast history.  It is everywhere, and I have discovered another hot spot of adventure, the Hatfield House, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.  This is literally at my back door.  1000 of acres of lush greenery, walkways and wild life.  It is spectacular.  This is my local gym!!!  I love to jog, and I love this place.  It is private, gated, and I get free entry because I’m a resident of Hatfield.  The boys love playing at the park, and Jonathan enjoys his walks here also.  This is a lovely place to escape to, getting away from the hustle and bustle of life here in London, and taking time to play, pray and just have a rest.  The British thrive on their Gardens.  It is evident here at the Hatfield House.  We still need to discover the inside of the Hatfield house and private gardens, this is on our "Field Trip list" for the boys coming School year 2008/2009. 
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Hatfield house and its many walkways and forest paths.
Here is a bit of history, it is indeed fascinating………

The history of Hatfield House begins in about 1485, when John Morton, Bishop of Ely, built Hatfield Palace.  It was a big quadrangle of russet brick; one side of it, containing the Banqueting Hall, still stands to the west of the present House.  When Henry VIII dispersed the possessions of the Church, he took it over and used it chiefly as a residence for his children, Mary, Elizabeth and Edward.  Hatfield is most associated with Elizabeth who spent much of her childhood happily at Hatfield in company with her young brother Edward and sharing his education.  After Henry VIII’s death, Elizabeth’s life became troubled and during the reign of her sister Mary, Elizabeth found herself virtually a prisoner.  She lived as splendidly as she could; we hear of a gorgeous masque and play being given for her entertainment in the Hall, and of a message sent by her sister the Queen that such frivolous activities must be discontinued!  


In 1558 Mary died. Seated under an oak tree in the park, Elizabeth was reading when the news of her accession was brought to her. (Hatfield, the Park, an oak tree marks the place where the young Princess Elizabeth first heard of her accession to the throne).

Her first act was to send for William Cecil, afterwards Lord Burghley (1520-1598).  Elizabeth appointed him her Principal Secretary; he remained her chief minister for the rest of his life.  Her first Council was held in the Great Hall but after this she spent little time at Hatfield.


Hatfield House was completed in 1611. It was built by Robert Cecil, first Earl of Salisbury and son of Lord Burghley, the chief minister of Elizabeth I. The deer park surrounding the house and the older building of the Old Palace had been owned by Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, who had used it as a home for his children, Edward, Elizabeth and Mary.


The Cecils’ former home was at Theobalds, also in Hertfordshire. In 1607, Elizabeth’s heir, James I offered to exchange Theobalds for the Old Palace and manor of Hatfield. A draft Parliamentary Act of exchange survives in the Cecil Papers at Hatfield, dated May 1607. Salisbury began building work immediately. The main architect of the house was Robert Lemynge but Simon Basil, the Surveyor of the King’s Works and Inigo Jones also contributed to the design.


Salisbury had been appointed Lord Treasurer in April 1607 as well as Chief Secretary, but, he became ill and died, aged only 48, in April 1612. Although he was buried in Hatfield, he didn’t live to enjoy the house that was to become the home of his descendants for the next 400 years

Hatfield House is now the home of the 7th Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury.

Visitors can enjoy extensive walks in the 1000 acres of park with woodland trails and a wonderful spring bluebell display.


There is a play area for younger visitors with plenty of grassy space for running around. Picnic tables are provided under the trees to while away a pleasant afternoon.

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