At home today in a winterwonderland


At home today in a winterwonderland.  It is still snowing.  It is the most snowfall London has had in 18 years!! We all depend on public transit, and it is literally at a halt in some places.  So I’m working from home today, thankful I’m not stranded at the tube or rail station.  The gritters (our word for snowplows) have been taking care of the main roads, it is the side roads that are very slippery and snow is deep.  Right now it is coming down, thick beautiful white flakes.

I recently just visited Scotland with my hubby and brother-in-law, Glenn, and sister-in-law Pam.  We had a lovely time, definitely want to go go back in the Summer.  Alvin and his sweet wife, Anna, gave us a fabulous tour of Edinburgh. it is so old and full of castles.  No tube transportation, you really don’t miss it, it just keeps you walking the old brick walkways, exploring every corner. A tram system is in the works and it will be completed in a few years.  The city was clean and the people very friendly, and the shopping bargains fab!

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1 Response to At home today in a winterwonderland

  1. Nicole says:

    My Smurfette! I so wish I could have been there! I was listening to your background song,,,I talk to your little bro from time to time….Jesus use me, and oh Lord Don;t refuse me! I haven\’t found my niche\’ but I really believe I have some calling! Wish I was there! Love u smurfy…lol xo

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