There’s just something special about God’s People…


From the moment that I heard the Band playing. "O for a Thousand tongues to sing," I was moved by this Body of Christ church located in Romanville, France, overseen by Rev. Dumond. 

There is just something special about God’s people, and I felt the spirit of God that is the trade mark of the Body of Christ.  The worship, the same music, the love. 

My eyes just welled up with tears of thankfulness, and appreciation.  We really miss the Body churches,  and visiting them whenever we could when we lived in America. You planned your vacations around the times of meetings and conventions, anticipating something special from God’s spirit and holy word.  Sometimes you stayed in each others homes and if not you made sure you went for a bite to eat at some restaurant after church just so you could be together and catch up since the last time you were together.

We get so lonely in England.  We can’t just go get in the car and drive to the several hundreds of churches that are in our fellowship, we are the church, and the closest one we know of now is Manchester (more on this trip to Manchester next blog).  So when I felt this body spirit in France my heart rejoiced, we have another church we can fellowship with.  We could hop in the car and cross the Channel, or fly, or ride the EuroStar, they are only hour and half away!

This is why we long for the Body of Christ to be built in Europe!  Churches scattered all over, so the saints can travel to and fro from church to church and become closer to the Lord, and his people.

We are reaching out in our own small and weak way, clinging to God for His guidance.  It is not easy, it is new territory.  Please pray for us, God only can open the door.

We thank Br. & Sr. Dumond for their hospitality and for Christine and Wesson interpreting for us!  We could communicate better if we could speak French.  Br. Clarke is so right about learning another language! So French is on our list of "must do"!

We can’t wait to share with Sr. Hoblet our visit to France.  Because of her zeal for the Lord and His people, she really left us with a desire to build and support the Body of Christ.

Here are some highlights from the service on Sunday, 30th of November…."Today begins the start of fellowship of Paris & London".  "Body of Christ is special."  "Body of Christ must come together."  "Build the Body of Christ in Europe, divided we fall, united we stand!"  "Tonight is the beginning of a beautiful fellowship." "Build, stay, progress."  "God’s people are His anywhere."

We did some sight seeing on Monday and Tuesday, it was so cold, but that did not stop us from enjoying our time together as a family.

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3 Responses to There’s just something special about God’s People…

  1. Gina says:

    Sounds so wonderful! Miss you all. When will you be home? We\’re leaving Sunday for MI; won\’t be back til the new year…I hope we can have some time together before you have to go back:)

  2. Linda says:

    Birdy, keep your chin up – doing good work over there! I know the loneliness but remember, you\’re really never alone!

  3. Bridget says:

    Thanks, Lindy!! 🙂 You are so right, we are never alone! It is for Jesus, and He is promised He would never leave us alone. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

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