Fall 2008 Meeting – London

We had a wonderful two day meeting, the 18th and 19th of October.  The house was packed, a wonderful sight to us, filled with friends and family from the States and Europe and England, but most of all the Lord was present and God met with us, leaving us enriched with His blessings and we are so thankful for His presence.

Our people worked hard, but all for the glory of the Lord.  We had brown bag lunches filled with sandwiches and goodies for the first day, lots of fresh fruit from the local market, which was so yummy, my favorite was the big seedless grapes.  The second day was soup and fresh bread and light cheddar cheese (the cheese is absolutely the best here!), with fruit and cheesecake.  God bless your labor of love, London assembly! Your time and money will not be forgotten. 

Now on to the spiritual blessings…..

Jonathan talked about the Philadelphia church in Rev. 3:8, "I know thy works, behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it:  for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name."  The two key words…."little strength".  This church of Philadelphia was not a mega-church, it could of been a "house-meeting".  We don’t know, but we do know that no matter what they kept God’s word, and did not deny his name.  They protected God’s word, and God protected them. We too, must preserve what we have, and keep it!  We may be a little assembly here in England, but if we keep the Word of God, obey it and follow it, and live for Jesus and NEVER deny His name, He will keep us if we keep Him.  This is our prayer.

He also talked about Mary Magdalene.  This woman’s life was so changed by Jesus, and she never stopped seeking him.  After Jesus was put into the tomb and the Passover was past she and several other sisters, went very early in the morning to anoint Jesus, but the tomb was empty! She was so distraught, she just wanted to know what they did with his body so she could take care of it.  She did not give up hope, the disciples did.  She stood without the tomb, weeping, what happened to her Master’s body?  She looked into the tomb and two angels where present there where the body of Jesus had lain.  After she had spoken to the angels, she turned and she saw Jesus, but she thought it was the gardener!  She thought he might have taken the body of Jesus and placed it somewhere. Then Jesus spoke her name, "Mary", WOW!!! She turned and she knew it was her Master, the way he said her name.  She responded, "Rabboni, which is to say, Master." She went looking for the dead, and she found life, her Master, JESUS.  How many times have we given up?  Mary was forgiven much, and she loved much.  Just think of how much we have been forgiven.  How much do we love the Master?  Would we still seek him when it seems that all hope was dead?  What an inspiration this woman, Mary of Magdalene was.  May we forever, seek our Master, and never give up hope, no matter what we face in life, or who gives up around us because HE LIVES!

Bro. Glenn Goodwin from Des Moines, spoke Sunday. He said," We can’t stop reading at John 19, finish it, Jesus rose from the dead!"  From here he reviewed the whole book of Romans, this was beautiful. Chapter by chapter.  We were then encouraged to be a missionary in this land.  In a dark London, we must let our light shine.  This nation once sent out missionaries from its borders, now it needs to be ministered too.

We were so blessed by our friends, Neal, Cherie, Jayda, Wil, Julie, and Todd, Sue, and Ashley from Cross Plains, TN.  They brought some of their friends in the Lord from Germany, and Norway, Holland.  Todd spoke Saturday afternoon and Neal spoke and sang with Julie Saturday night.  Julie played in our band.  Ruben (whom my boys just loved, and barely gave him room in the pew to sit!) was here from Holland.  We enjoyed his company, the boys could not believe how tall he was (he is 6’8").  We enjoyed his company and we were sad to see him go Sunday night.  We got stuck in traffic, which is not a new thing, and he was the LAST to board the plane!  Andre from Germany spoke Sunday afternoon, and we enjoyed his testimony.   We have made so many new European friends that love the Lord.  We pray that we can continue to fellowship together and encourage each other in the Lord.  Thanks, Neal and Cherie!

We also were blessed with Br. Ndumiso words from Manchester, England.  He and his family and many of his saints were here. We are looking forward to his meeting in December.

Thank you friends and family for coming to worship God with us.  Thank you local assembly for all your hard work. Thank you God almighty for being with us every step of the way.

Please pray for us.  Our two year Visa will expire December the first, so we have renewed our Visa and   we have been granted a three-year limited leave to remain, which is a residence permit.  PRAISE GOD!! We are willing and ready to keep working for the Lord here in England.  After three years we then can apply for a permanent leave to remain.


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2 Responses to Fall 2008 Meeting – London

  1. Jonathan says:

    I agree it was a great meeting.  God was there in a mighty way.  Time would fail to speak of everything but I believe you have done a excellent job of recapping.  May God grant His people more and more of His boundless riches!!!

  2. Cherie says:

    A big AMEN to all you said about the meeting. We were richly blessed and Neal sends out an email every month to his Inner Circle and in the email he has a spiritual section so in this month\’s he put all of Bro. Jonathan\’s message on Mary Magdeline. It was really an awesome message and I wish I could hear it again.
    I can\’t wait to see you guys again. Please stay with us in December as long as you possibly can. We love you so much…..Tell the boys "HI"! 

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