God will provide……I’m working at Harrods!!!

My family and I would love to go to the States for Christmas, and God has provided a way! I’m working at Harrods for the month of October on my days that I don’t teach.  Praise God!  Friday, Saturday and Monday.  It will be a gruelling month, but I’m focused on the goal, my second home away from home, Iowa for the Holidays.  Family gathered together around the fire, endless array of yummy food, laughter from family and loved ones, and prayer together as a family again.  It is about the only time for us to be all together.  We will be, Lord willing, the ones travelling on Christmas Eve…..the ones you think, why are you travelling at a time like this? Now I understand why? Being with the family is so special to us and so rare.  You just never know if we will all be there the next time we meet.  Life is so fragile, we must treasure every moment together.
Harrods is definitely an experience. I work in the Musical Instruments department. I’m a specialist of Roland, makers of Digital pianos, upright and Grand.  I’m helping Roland out until they hire a full time consultant.  I  was tempted with the full time position……but I did not come here for a career, I left that in Iowa, I’m here to help my husband as he pastors the church here in London. My boys as well, they need their mum.  And I LOVE being with them.  So "NO", to Harrods for full time, so hey, I can "experience HARRODs" for the month of October. 🙂 
I hope to sell a couple of Grands, I must be more agressive in my sales pitch, because the customer needs to buy now, not next month, because I need the extra commission.  Commission on top of my daily rate…..YAYAYAYAY! Shopping money.  It is so much fun walking through this icon of a store! It is filled with everything imaginable.  I’m still getting lost. I have been having a wonder, and exploring, I heard there is a terrace on the fifth floor that is outside, I have yet to find it, I can’t wait to have a look and take pictures.
I’m on my feet the whole time, that is so exhausting! Finding the right shoes, uggh! I think I may have found right shoes, we will see next Monday.  5 pianos down, only three days of work, this is what I have sold, plus my collegues.  It looks like I get commission from their sales too! Every bit will help.  Only three days a week and I really hope and pray to sale some Grand pianos.  It is a fabulous product, superb touch, always in tune, and each piano has a feature that will benefit any level of player.  Have I got you hooked yet? The music you hear on this blog is from my Roland Grand, KR115.  I’m in total love with this piano.  I can record music, arrange instruments, and rhythms and save and load to the computer and make my own CD’s.  It is also a great teaching tool for me in relationship to my students.  Go the Rolands website listed on my links and check out this fabulous product.
I must mention the most expensive piano on the floor is a Bosendorfer Grand Piano – 89,000 pounds!!! I will see if I can sneak a picture and put it on here.  Can you imagine……I will try to play it this week, and record the sounds.  This particular piano has been commissioned by Porsche.  It is very sleek and modern.  Bosendorfer pianos are made in Vienna, and they are gorgeous and sooooo expensive.  So I must lure the customers to my area, and sale them on to Roland and pray that they buy!! Please pray for me, wouldn’t it be a miracle if a could sale a target of 50,000 pounds or more??
Just a few pictures of my adventure….   in the above album…..my uniform I bought it at Mark & Spencers, cheap and machine washable, skirt was only 15pounds and the jacket 35pounds and blouse was 7.50. I just love Mark and Spencers they have classy things yet attainable for my budget, this is the first time I have bought clothes here, I have always just browsed, this time I had an excuse. LOL.  Starbucks I found is right across the street (went there for my tea break, and no I did not have tea,  had a cappuccino , I love tea, but I needed the power of coffee)outside of door 10, yes, each door is numbered and I never noticed, it seems that I only pay attention when I’m in charge of my own direction, this is a terrible weakness of mine, even though I still get lost!! I guess I just get "lost" in the moment and relax and I let others, like my hubby keep me pointed in the right direction.  
Stay tuned……adventure continues……
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9 Responses to God will provide……I’m working at Harrods!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    wow! I have only seen that store in movies! That\’s pretty cool. The pics didnt come up in the blog, i will check your photo section though. Also, shoes? Birkenstocks for sure! you are in Europe, lady! lol That is wonderful you will be home for Christmas. What a blessing. Home is Iowa then right? Is your family there too? I dont know your story, or \’testimony\’. Maybe if you have time you could post it, I would love to read it. have fun, sounds like an adventure…-S

  2. Bridget says:

    Thanks Sarah for the heads-up about my pictures….I\’m still learning how to do all of this, so I just posted an album instead and I will try to fix my blog entry tommorrow when me hubby can help me. 🙂
    About shoes, what a great idea, Birkenstocks, are they from Europe? They do look very comfortable, but probably way expensive, but what a great excuse to go shopping!

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow! It all looks very exciting. I dont know if I could really get used to driving like that. So curvy and that left side of the road thing.. Do you ever forget? You are so pretty, and Harrods looks like a lot of fun. I love Birkenstocks but dont know if they fit the uniform. Well, they do make some dressier ones but youre right, expensive for sure. I loved all the pics, are there pubs everywhere? I saw the one and it sounded like you pass a lot of those.

  4. Bridget says:

    Hey, Sarah! I know we should really instant message, but you are probably sound asleep, I\’m 6 hours ahead of you! LOL!! I do forget about driving on the wrong side, if I get flustered when I\’m trying to parallel park (which I did not pass on my driving test in the US), and I can\’t get it, and drive off, I forget and drive on the right side, oops!!
    I\’m going to check out the Birkenstocks, styles and prices, just curious and I will let you know. 🙂 Pubs are everywhere, I live right next to the Red Lion Inn Pub, the pic in the album is another Red Lion Pub, it must be a family owned business. Pubs have really good food, an English menu, and some other ethnic foods, like Indian, Italian, and even nachos (not exactly the same as America, but in a pinch, it will work).  Big portions, and not real expensive.  When you hear "pub", you can be put off thinking it is not a family place, but it is not a bar atmosphere, it is like an Applebees. The only thing different is that you go to the bar and place your order.  And when you have an open tab, and it is just soft drinks, I think they think that is weird! Some of the "comfort foods" of England are quite good. Cottage pie, fish & chips……
    Thanks for the comments. 😉

  5. Gina says:

    Sweet! I am really looking forward to you being home! Hurray! And Harrod\’s sounds awesome. God is good… providing you with not only extra income, but having fun at the same time! You\’re so blessed:) Love you

  6. Sarah says:

    mmm fish and chips. Tennesseans dont know how to make fish and chips. I like vinegar with my fish and chips. My ex-step grandma (lol my family is major) was from Wales and made the best ever.  I remember moving to Tennessee and at church I said I wanted to go to the Liquor store. (candy for church.) Everyone looked at me so weird. LOL In California you go to the liquor store for everything drinks, chips, snacks, etc. So that was funny. I could imagine the mix-ups internationally.  I would very much like to try a pub lunch someday. 🙂 It said 8 degrees on your sons blog. Is it that cold there already?

  7. Bridget says:

    I could not resist…I had to respond Sarah! LOL!! You sound so British, liking your fish & chips with vinegar, you just made me smile, and to find out your xgrandma from WALES!! I love Wales!  I\’m a California girl, so I know what you mean about going to the Liquor store just for candy as a kid, one time we had someone visiting from Alabama and she thought it was so weird that we would go there for candy, but it was just a convenience store to all of us. Here in the UK these stores are labelled "off license", but it is a one stop shop for everything also. Different culture for sure! Are you from California?  8 Degrees, that is Celsius, double it, and then add 15, and it rounds out to be Faherenhiet (sp?). Come to the UK and I will buy your lunch!

  8. Sarah says:

    Bridget, we are so going to get on everyone\’s nerves writing back and forth like this. But yes, I am from California. Born in Inglewood. Raised in: Redondo Beach-Ca, Canton-Ohio, Brea-Ca, Chino Hills-Ca, Kennewick-Washington, back to Ca (Anaheim) then now Tennessee! (We moved a lot when I was growing up) Thats my geographical testimony! 🙂

  9. Janie says:

    Well I may not get to see you when you come but it will sure be nice knowing that you\’re close. I\’d love to see the pictures you get from that terrace, once you find it : )I loved Mark & Spencers!! They had everything! All this talk about fish n chips is makin me hungry. I\’d to be able to go down to the pub on the corner for lunch and then head over to Mark & Spencers for some shopping!I wish I were there.Much Love Janie

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