British versus American


British   vs.  American


Crisps vs. Chips

Chips vs. Fries

"Cheerio" vs. "Goodbye"

Second Hand vs. Used

Telly vs. Television

Takeaway vs. To-go

Boot vs. Trunk

Motorway vs. Interstate

"Sorry" vs. "Excuse me"

"Luv" vs. "Honey"

Chap vs. Guy

Trolley vs. Cart

Queue vs. Line

Tick vs. Check

Till vs. Register

"Brilliant" vs. "Great"

Flat vs. Apartment

Maisonette vs. Town home

Biscuits vs. Cookies

Petro vs. Gas

Sweets vs. Candy

Pound vs. Dollar

Pence vs. Penny

Streaky Bacon vs. Bacon Strips

Mince Beef vs. Ground Steak

Reception Room vs. Living Room

Glazed Windows vs. Doubled-paned Windows

Sandwich tins vs. Cake Pans

60ml vs. 4 tbls

Celsius vs. Fahrenheit

Rubbish vs. Trash

Argos vs. K’s Merchandise

Asda vs. Wal-Mart

Lidle vs. Aldi’s

Boots vs. Walgreen’s


Subway vs. Walkway

Tram vs. Trolley (Electric Car)

Tube vs. Subway

UK vs. US

Radiators vs. Vents

Mobile vs. Cell

Chip & Pin vs. Credit Card Swipe

Tea vs. Coffee

Prime Minister vs. President

Bobby vs. Cop

Toilet vs. Restroom

Washroom vs. Bathroom

Water Closet vs. 1/2 Bath

"I’ll give you a ring" vs. "I’ll call you"

Half past 10:00 vs. 10:30

Diary vs. Calendar

To let vs. to rent

Solicitor vs. Lawyer

Give Way vs. Yield

Round-about vs. Intersection

"Happy Christmas" vs. "Merry Christmas"

Estate Agent vs. Realtor

Mate vs. Buddy

Hump vs. Speed Bumps

Rubbish Bin vs. Garbage Can

Sack vs. Bag

Hoot vs. Honk

Dual Carriage Way vs. Four-Lane Highway

Nappy vs. Diapers

Pram vs. Stroller

Nursery vs. Kindergarten

Primary School vs. Grade School

College vs. 11th & 12th Grade

Washer in Kitchen vs. Laundry Room

Hob vs. Stove-top

Motor vs. Car

Fairy (Tree-topper) vs. Angel

B & Q vs. Home Depot

Postcode vs. Zip code

Let down vs. Drop you off

Wind machine vs. Fan

Gone wrong vs. Broken

Verge vs. Shoulder

Bits vs. Pieces

"Have a go" vs. "Try it out"

"Sort it out" vs. "Figure it out"

"Right" vs. "Okay"

Sofa vs. couch

"Hiya" vs. "Hello"

"Are you alright?" vs. "How are you?"

Over the top vs. Awesome

Posh vs. Expensive

Smart vs. Stylish

Lift vs. Elevator

AE (Accident & Emergency) vs. Emergency Room

Junction vs. Exit

Motorway vs. Interstate

Grit vs. Sand

Sodium Barcarbonate vs. Baking Soda

Icing vs. Powder Sugar

Bungalow vs. Ranch Home

Vicar vs. Pastor

Registrar vs. County Recorder

Sick vs. Vomit

1 Stone vs. 14lbs

Kilos vs. Lbs

Query vs. Questions

Cheque vs. Check

Garden vs. Yard

Nicked vs. Stolen

"Brilliant" vs. "Cool"

Chemist vs. Pharmacist

Hire a car vs. Rent a car

Semiquaver vs. 16th note

Quaver vs. 8th note

Crotchet vs. Quarter note

Semibreve (semybreeve) vs. Whole note

"Well done" vs. "Good Job"

"Cheers" vs. "Thanks"

Luvely-Jubbly vs. A-okay



These are some of the terms that I have encountered since my move to the United Kingdom, not to mention a whole way of describing notation of music, American equivalents make sense mathematically! My mentor told me with tongue-in-cheek that in my lesson observation I did well trying to implement the British notation system, and my attempt to pronounce, Semibreve, I was saying, "semabrevay!"


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4 Responses to British versus American

  1. Gina says:

    And here I thought you\’d have an easy time since you already speak English;) Love you!

  2. Sarah says:

    The measurements would be hard to get used to. But I already call my children, \’luv\’ but I got that from a step-grandma, shes from Wales. Everything else besides measurements I like the British way of saying it better. Oh ya, but not tea, coffee way out-wins tea. 🙂

  3. Janie says:

    Thank you so much for making this list! I\’ve been meaning to ask you if you could do something like this and here it is.Same here, except for the measurements I prefer the English way : )But Bridget, one word you left out was "Cheers", I love that word. I\’ll never forget the first time a Brit said it to me, it made my day, I thought it was the coolest thing.

  4. Bridget says:

    Hey Janie, thanks I have forgotten that, "Cheers!".  This one was one of my first that I encountered too, working with the British you pick it up quickly, and now that I\’m not in retail I have forgotten some, so I have added it.:)  Oh, I will add more as I remember them through the day or encounter new ones.

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